Malena Amusa, Founder & Executive Director  
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Headshot 1 Malena Amusa

Malena Amusa -- Addlife! World Founder

  • African dance Aficionado & Super producer
  • B.S./M.A. -- Northwestern & Columbia University
  • Co-founder of Africa United

Addlife!  began on the eve of 2009, when I was 24-years-old, working in India, frantically putting together my first international concert -- Africa in India: A Night of Bhangra & African Dance! The owners of the Epicentre were nervous, praying & hoping their first African showcase would go off without a hitch. As I  kicked off the show, the journalist-turned-dancer in me knew the all India-born audience would determine my fate. With my dance life on the line, my cast of dancers and I dazzled our way into the heart of a nation. India's roaring audience begged for more, clapped thundersously and rose to their feet! The next morning, the national headline read: "Africa is back!"

Even more, a young boy approached me after the show. "Your joy, your energy..." he said emotionally. "It opened something in me. Now I want to dance. Now I want to move!"  As I hugged the boy with all my might, a big vision, a great dream was born. Not long after my India trip, I officially luanched Addlife!, which in a few short years, I've grown from a small & mighty dance company to a major global player. An expert dancer, producer, & motivator, I've performed for thousands & taught hundreds. In 2014, I co-founded Africa United Ballet International, the world's only Grandmaster African touring troupe based in America. I'm particularly excited to connect you with my partner companies. Every company is hand-picked for their unmatched artistry and impact.  I've also personally worked with each artist, and am amazed daily by their ability to add life!