Luarie M. Taylor
Soul Movement

  • Oh, you will love Laurie, Laurie, Laurie!

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    Laurie M. Taylor - Founder
    • Resident artist & lecturer
    • Award-winning nyc-based choreographer
    • World-touring performer featured on NPR

    The Liberian American show stopper stands out! Not only in her dancing, a marvel of high-definition geniusness, but Laurie has developed a choreographic approach that will leave you breatheless, and insipred intellectually, artistically, and most importantly SOULfully!

    The New York--based, award-winning choreographer is a Modern, African, and Contempory dance giant-- in fact, in a league of stars, she is a rare gem! See for yourself, the videos are just a glimpse into the mind of this Soul Movement Einstien. Born and raised in Baltimore, MD, Laurie is the Artistic Director of Soul Movement Dance. An in-demand talent, Laurie has also worked with Electronica Canadian producers, "The Planetears," and Elan Luz Rivera, of Violator Records.  Laurie has taught at Tisch/New York University, University of Minnesota, Queens Borough College, Howard University, and has shared her knowledge of dance as an adjunct professor at Lehman College in New York.

    Laurie's works have led her to global stages with the critically-acclaimed Nicholas Leichter Dance and Urban Bush Woman.With musicality at the core of her work, Laurie's style focuses on "sound perception," internalizing lush polyrhythmic sound/music and then externalizing it through the body. This lively musical approach has led her to create for remarkable projects --the Darin Atwater's "Soulful Symphony," featured on NPR, "Alicia Olatuja/The Olatuja Project," The American Dance Guild Festival, The Association of Performing Arts Presenters (APAP) and many more.

        •    Human connectivity

        •    Illuminating the human experience

        •    Dialogue through music & movement

        •    Women empowerment

        •    Spirituality, overcoming heartbreak

        •    Prosperous community; investing in the arts