Bolokada Conde
Africa United Ballet International

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    Grandmaster Drummer Bolokada Conde & Malena Amusa did the unimaginable! They united the world's top West African musicians, percussionists, & dancers, to tour the U.S & the world!

    Now, Africa's greatest drum & dance talents are ready to wow you, as they share the most magical songs & dances of Guinea, Mali, Senegal & the Ivory Coast!! I mean, just imagine it! Bolokada and company are sure to whip you into a frenzy of joy, with your hearts ignited in an unforgetable experience!
    Africa United's concert features:
    **The drum star of Guinea -- Bolokada!
    **Live drumming from the all stars of West Africa!
    **Songbirds of Guinea & Mali
    **Legendary Flutist & Kora Player from Guinea & Senegal
    **Spectacular dance choreographics
    • Cultural connectedness
    • Journey into Africa
    • The value of life & family
    • Community & Working together
    • Women empowerment
    • Africa Rising