Qudus Onikeku

Qudus Onikeku 2

Qudus Onikeku

  • Award-winning solist
  • Founder/Artistic Director of YK Projects in Paris
  • Founder/Artistic Director of QDance Center in Lagos

Nigeria’s Qudus Onikeku is one of the world's foremost thinkers and performers -- an unparralled Contemporary & African dance soloist who's won many awards and accolades.   Fusing dance and acrobatics, Qudus' works are epically penetrating, high-energy master pieces bubbling over with beauty, angst – and deep spirituality. Yoruba traditional philosophy forms the basis of his movement identity, which also draws on several influences including hip hop, capoeira, tai chi and contemporary dance.   

A voice of Africa's new generation of super creatives, Qudus explores cultural identity and the human condition, all the while chronicling his life experience.  A dancer since a young age, Qudus launched his meteoric career on world stages, from Paris, the U.S., to South Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean. A pioneering artist and producer, Qudus is Founder/Artistic Director of the YK Projects in Paris and the QDance Centre in Lagos, in addition to being a Visiting Professor at the University of California - Davis.  

Qudus states: "My own little effort has been to reinforce the experiences of a people that is far from being uniform, and absolutely impossible to be reduced to a succession of moments and events, skin colors or single stories. I’m particularly interested in how the new generation of 'African' and 'Black' dancers continues to make a rethink of the forms and depth of dance, in the face of such unstable reality, how they turned dance to a connected current of excitation, whose language is in perpetual mutation. It is in my interest to continue to investigate new dance vocabularies, which defies a specific dance technique, dance tradition or form, but to build a genre of dance performance that employs systems and methods that draws on newer philosophies of movement, and to draw from the performance tradition of the èfé - Gèlèdè ​mask."