Akon's advice to entrepreneurs: brains, drive & support


Addlife! loves Akon! The uber successful singer/producer -turned business man represents everything Addlife! is all about -- entertaining millions, creating opportunities for others, and investing in the hope and potential of Africa! Akon is now campaigning non-stop, raising the profile of his Akon Lighting Africa project, a plan to bring solar power to millions in rural Africa -- a plan bankrolled by a $1 billion loan deal with a Chinese construction company. With the spotlight on the young visionary, Akon's sharing some secrets to his success and his faith that business in Africa is the next big thing for global entrepreneurs. Encouraging, he says growth doesn't always require money. Rather brains, drive and support go a long way in launching a business. To view the full article, go to How I Made it in Africa.

Happy Labor Day!
Labor Day 2015

Happy Labor Day! I find myself on this lovely holiday in the creative lab, tinkering with the crazy machine that is my dance passion! Wishing you unlimited creative force as you celebrate your hard work, and step into the fall with renewed vibrancy and potential! ‪#‎UpandUp‬

-- Malena Amusa

Addlife! announces trip to Guinea with Bolokada Conde


Ever since I met the ethereal and brilliant Bolokada Conde, the Grandmaster Malinke Percussionist and Folklorist, my wheels have been turning constantly, thinking of ways to connect the world with Bolokada's rare and extensive mastery of the deepest traditions, songs, stories, and musical treasures of the Malinke people of Guinea West Africa! Two years ago, in 2013, Bolokada and I decided to organize an epic study intensive in Guinea, inviting students to shed their inhibition and dive into a 3-week odyssey across five of Guinea's most historic cities and villages. What resulted was an experience that transformed eager students into life-long students and ambassadors of Guinea culture. The trip added new dimensions to everyone's life, as our hearts tripled in size, and our worlds forever united in friendship and inspired artistry.

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